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USIT, Ireland + Internship USA, NYC

Internship USA LLC is pleased to announce its new partnership with USIT travel company, based in Ireland and Australia. We will be providing New York accommodation opportunties to USIT's J1 students, coming to NYC in Summer 2013 and beyond.

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USIT is a long-established travel company, serving the Irish market since 1959. USIT specializes in a range of Work, Teach & Volunteer programmes abroad. With headquarters in Dublin, USIT's 80 staff are spread across 8 retail travel units in Ireland and 1 in Sydney, Australia. The company is bonded and licensed by the Irish Government and the ITAA (Irish Travel Agents Association) as a travel agent and tour operator, and is a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) in the UK.

On an annual basis, USIT assists numerous Irish students to apply for and secure the J1 visa in order to travel to the USA on a working vacation or internship.

Internship USA partnership, USIT, New York, Irish students, J-1, student residence

Internship USA LLC will now meet the accommodation needs of these J1 students by providing a landing base for Irish students arriving in New York City. The New York student residence which is located in the Upper West Side area of Manhattan is available to USIT's J-1 students. It will provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for students arriving into this busy and sometimes overwhelming city.

We look forward to developing the working relationship with our new partners at USIT over the coming year.

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