Internship in the USA

Internship: Finance

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Internship placement: Analyst at Sunrise Securities, New York City

About the organization: Sunrise is a boutique investment bank that specializes in debt and equity financings. The organization provides a full range of investment banking and corporate financial advisory services for small to mid size public and privately-held companies. The Sunrise debt capital markets team has been responsible for over $40 billion of lead-arranged financings globally. Their equity capital markets team is known for its innovative style and over the last few years has successfully completed over $5 billion in capital raising and advisory assignments as the sole placement agent or sole underwriter for more than 65 domestic and international companies.

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Intern: Kaidi, 23 years old

From: China

Profession or Major: Masters of Science in Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Feedback:"Since I am not from New York City, it was difficult for me to know how to find a finance internship in the USA. As an international student from China, Internship USA helped me to find an internship in the financial services industry. Later on, they also helped me to find a H-1B job in the USA. The whole process was very supportive and professional, from start to finish. I highly recommend the Internship USA program. It will help you build your resume right now. And it will influence your career for years afterwards."

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