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Internship: Fashion

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Internship placement: Galaxy 701, Inc., Manhattan

About the organization: Galaxy 701 is the designated manufacturer for the Vikki Vi clothing label, the top designer of women's clothing in the areas of travel-wear, career clothing and leisure wear. This label has been dedicated to dressing plus size women for over 25 years. The Vikki Vi line addresses the needs of the modern woman, with styles to flatter every unique shape. Contemporary prints and traditional styles can be mixed and matched to create beautiful ensembles reflecting a personal style. Soft knit suiting for elegance, style and comfort.

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Intern: Rahel, 21 years old

From: Germany

Profession or Major: Commerce

Feedback:"During my internship, I supported Karen with paperwork most of the time. She has a lot to do and it was a pleasure to assist and learn from her. I entered orders into the system, made Cut Tickets for the orders, entered bills into the system, made pictures of examples or fabrics. I used my English for various tasks, including answering the phone, joining in on meetings with people in the office or listening to their discussions. There was a lot of terminology I didn't know for the fashion industry. That was challenging. But the people from Galaxy treated me very well and were always very friendly with me. The organizers at INTERNSHIP USA helped and supported me a LOT! For anyone wondering how to find an internship in New York fashion industry, this is an excellent place to start!"

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