Internship in the USA

Internship: Design

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Internship placement: Neighborhoodies, Brooklyn

About the organization: Neighborhoodies is the premier fashion provider of custom hoodies, custom t-shirts, sports jerseys, pants, shorts, undies, bags and hats for Men / Guys, Women / Girls and Kids. Whether you want to represent your hood, your own style or someone else's, Neighborhoodies has you covered. The company also provides for corporate groups, events and fundraisers.

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Intern: Daniela, 23 years old

From: Switzerland

Profession or Major: Communication Science, University of Luzern, Switzerland.

Feedback:"Really cool. A good internship. I wanted to experience New York, the dynamic of the city. Everything I always saw on TV, I wanted to experience on my own! But I didn't know how to find an internship in the fashion industry in New York. There's nothing cooler than working and surviving in New York City. I liked the challenge. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere at the company and their trust in me. By the end, it felt like a real job. I felt confident and important. The work experience will be really good for my future life and resume."

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