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About us

Internship USA LLC is a New York based company providing professional internship and accommodation placement services for international students, interns and J-1 visitors. We invite you to come and experience the United States of America.

Our operational area includes New York, Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Internships in these locations will open up a world of opportunities for you and directly benefit your career.

We deliver the highest professional standards of service and support. We are different to other organizations, because we carefully match your internship with your specific needs. Our unique methods maximize your internship experience, adding depth and knowledge to your Curriculum Vitae / Resume.

Our business team has 14 years of experience in education and training, including 6 years of international student recruitment.

Our in-house language skills include fluent German and Korean. Our experience with students and graduates covers Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and the Middle-East (primarily Saudi Arabia).

We have a clear understanding of the real advantages an internship can provide for a young person seeking to “kick-start” their career. We look forward to providing that opportunity for you.

Claire Kim,
Program Manager



We are proud to be partners with:

USIT, New York, Irish students, J-1, accommodation

USIT the premier travel company serving the Irish market for international travel since 1959. USIT specializes in a range of Work, Teach & Volunteer programmes abroad, including the seasonal J1 programs for J-1 students and longer term grad visa program. Based in Dublin, USIT's 80 staff are spread across 8 retail travel units in Ireland and 1 in Sydney, Australia. USIT is bonded and licensed by the Irish Government as a travel agent and tour operator, and is a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) in the UK.

USIT, New York, Irish students, J-1, accommodation

Embassy English offers international students a choice of General English language courses, IELTS preparation and a Language Year Abroad. With 18 worldwide school locations, including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Embassy English helps language learners to improve their fluency and confidence.

USIT, New York, Irish students, J-1, accommodation

Study Group partners with higher education institutions around the world to offer academic pathways to international students who are studying outside their country of birth. The Study Group global network includes alliances with over 100 universities across Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.


We are proud to be members of:

manhattan chamber of commerce, New York Irish Business Organization, New York

In the Press

Foinse and Irish Independent article about Internship USA, New York, by journalist Orla Bradshaw

The Irish language newspaper Foinse, which is a supplement to Ireland's national daily paper The Irish Independent, discusses Irish J-1 students with Internship USA in this Irish language article.

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