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Accommodation NYC: Manhattan

Available now! Our student accommodation in the Upper West Side / Morningside Heights area of Manhattan is available to you through our partnership with Embassy English.. USIT, New York, Irish students, J-1, accommodation

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Current availability: (as of October 1st 2017) we are pleased to let you know we have full availability for Fall/Autumn and Winter 2017, all the way through to Summer 2018 and beyond.

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Single room in the New York residence. xyz

View from the window, single room. single room, new york, accommodation

Below, some photos of the double room.

double room, manhattan, accommodation
furnished room, new york, accommodation

View of Manhattan from window.

manhattan view, upper west side, 125th Street subway station

Adam Herich, book accommodation, New York, J-1 student, accommodation, student, residence, internship, VSNU, AFAD, Slovakia "I'd really recommend it to anyone coming to this large city for the first time. Manhattan is an expensive place. As a student, I can't afford money-sucking hotels. But luckily, I found a great solution with the New York residence. Despite my late application, they responded in an instant, there were no additional fees and I got to accommodate right away. Everyone I met there was really friendly, ready to help with any problem you might have. I could enjoy New York to its fullest - it's cheap, safe and in a beautiful location. (Aaah the view from the window!) Nevertheless, it's still Manhattan. And being on Manhattan means being near the center of just about everything. Above all, I appreciate the honesty in the thorough services provided - they won't deceive you here!"

--- Adam Herich, J-1 student, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD), (Vysoká škola výtvarných umení v Bratislave (VŠVU)), Bratislava, Slovakia.

Lobby entrance to the residence.
lobby, mailbox new york, accommodation Fitness room: weights, mats, running mmachines, stairmasters etc.
fitness room, new york, accommodation, students, gym Laundry room: coin-operated washing machines and dryers.
laundry machines, student accommodation, intern accommodation, accommodation for interns

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Lounge and games room.
common room, games, new york, student accommodation Bathrooms (shared).
bathroom, mirrors, interns accommodation
Cafeteria / shop / store. cafeteria, canteen, student accommodation
cafe, on-campus store, on campus cafe, new york, manhattan

View of hallway.

student digs, corridor, corridoor

Street scenes outside.
upper west side, street photo
manhattan street scenes Nearby park, entranceway.
sakura park, park photos, trees in manhattan, trees in new york, botany, new york
new york landscape, park, new york parks, parks and recreation Nearby subway station: 125th Street, 1 train (red line). Distances: 15 minutes to Times Square, 25 minutes to Downtown / Wall Street. Click here for New York City subway map. At the far left of the map, you can see the 125th Street station on the red line, about halfway down.
new york subway stations, 125th Street, 125
Point A on the map below shows the very convenient location of the residence in New York. The green area, right in the middle of Manhattan, is Central Park - also not so far from the residence.
manhattan visitors map, map of accommodation options, new york, new york city, upper west side accommodation, map

- single and double rooms, furnished with twin-sized bed, wardrobe, desk and chair
- bed linen is provided
- free wi-fi access in all rooms
- fridge and microwave available for rental
- shared bathrooms on each floor, between 8-10 students
- 24 hour on-site security
- TV/Game/Common areas
- air conditioning / heating
- fitness room and laundry room on-site
- stunning views of Upper Manhattan
- lively local environment, inexpensive cafes, supermarkets, shops and restaurants
- 5 minute walk to nearest subway
- 10 minute walk to world famous Columbia University
- nearby access to parks

Contact us now to check availability and prices. Click the big red button below!

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Our student residence really is the perfect launch pad to explore all that NYC has to offer. Book today and you have one less thing to plan for your New York adventure. Contact us now to request prices, to check availability and to fill out a registration form!

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